Monday, March 8, 2010

Long Time, No Blog....

I have not been maintaining this blog like I should. So, here are a few images from my classes!
These are eraser prints we created using a plain white vinyl eraser and Crayola markers.
Some turned out really nice!
I particularly like this one. The students were impressed with how different patterns were created when they rotated the eraser consistently.
This is a Black History Month printmaking project. Once again, some turned out pretty well. The students enjoyed the cutting of the print a lot.

This is the first project of the 2009-10 school year. Students used sign language and fun fonts to create an original representation of their names. Then they used colored pencil and color theory to create a visual representation of ther personality. We studied color meanings using a great website and our new Smart Board. All in all a very fun exploration in color and sign language!

A few images of my students working on their projects. If the tables are brown, the student is a high school student; black tables are junior high students. Joey (above) really showed what he could do with the fencing he drew as his background.

Joseph and Joel working on their hands.

Abby, a junior high student, recently submitted this piece to the Arkansas Art Educators East Region student exhibit.

Brandon really excelled in the drawing portion of this assignment.

Blane used a very creative composition for his piece.

Ashley always works very hard on her pieces and demonstrates wonderful craft in every project. It was apparent from the beginnng that she truly cares how her pieces look.

Use of colored pencils can look almost like markers, as Tevin demonstrates here.

Erin getting frustrated with her pointillism piece. Next time I will really limit the size paper I allow the kids to use! Modify as needed, right?

Sara's baby portrait really impressed a few faculty. One has even approached me to see if it would be okay to pay Sara to draw her children. OF COURSE!!!

Marshall worked really hard on this piece as we worked equally as hard on our student/teacher relationship. Both have turned out really nice!

Sarah has told me that she has learned so much in my class. Hmmm.... raw talent and a maturity not often seen in a junior high student makes Sarah an amazing art student and I know she will go far. This piece was also entered in the East Region exhibit.


Mrs. Skojec said...

What paper did you use for the crayola marker and eraser project? I love the look of it!

Tell your kids that all of their projects are fantastic!!! You have some very talented artists working with you!

beccabeck said...

Thanks, Mrs. Skojek!
I am not working with the same kids any longer, though, and the assignments you commented on are pictures of various assignments completed over the years. I actually have decided to start a blog on Edublogs called The Art Blog, since the kids can have more impact on that blog from the classroom (could not access this blog at school).
The paper for the marker/eraser prints is just white sulphite, I think. 80 lbs. It is either that or white construction paper; the assignment was meant to be a basic introduction to relief printmaking before I let the kids get a hold of any battleship or even safety-kut.
I am happy that others can see the talent in the kids! I am no longer in the same district. I took a position in a school in the South Bay region of California in January and left Marion mid-year. Could not turn down a job in that area, even if it meant breaking a contract and disappointing my students. Sometimes you just have to do things for yourself, you know?